Quick Hit: Calling All Questions

Less than 7% of the Yankees 2016 is in the books. Let that sink in for a moment. In this era of hot takes (or #hottakes), instant gratification, and inane (or insane) editorials by Randy Levine, we all want to draw conclusions from the precious little information that we have in front of us. Is Jacoby Ellsbury - he of the .240/.296/.337 (74 wRC+) line since September of 2014 - toast? Is Deldrew Millances a force for fascism in Major League Baseball? Should the rotation's credo be 'Masahiro Tanaka, and pray for four days of rain?' Could Starlin Castro really be one of the five-best second basemen in baseball?

Some of these questions are answerable, based largely on the same information that we had to work with before the season actually began. Eleven baseball games - again, less than 7% of the season - doesn't offer a whole lot of information, after all. But where's the fun in that?

With all that being said, I submit the following to you, the readers: ask me whatever question(s) your heart may desire about the Yankees or baseball on the whole. Nothing is too silly or too complex. You may ask it right here in the comments, or on Twitter.

I shall do my best to answer every question with limited sarcasm. Unlike most 'all questions answered' posts, however, I will not be responding in the comments or on Twitter. Instead, I will make a longer post right here on Friday.

You may fire when ready.