How Many Baseball Games Has Gene Monahan Seen?

Gene Monahan is a legend in Yankee baseball. He served as the team's trainer from 1973-2011, behind seven World Series winning teams. Before that, he was a Yankee minor league trainer for ten seasons, and the major league bat boy in 1962. That meant that the 2011 Yankee team was only one degree separated from Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, Elston Howard, Whitey Ford, and Roger Maris which is pretty darn cool.

As we all know, Vin Scully retired last week. As part of a discussion of his career, the Effectively Wild podcast asked whether Scully had seen more baseball games than anyone in the history of the sport. Sixty-seven years of broadcasting is a long time; one estimate put his career at 9,183 games after the 2012 season. I think that if anyone has Scully beat, or is at least close, it's Gene Monahan.

Here is the math.

  • 39 seasons x 162 games = +6,318
  • Strike-shortened seasons: -66
  • Post season games: +206
  • 5 Old Timer's Days and the 1996 celebration: +6
  • 10 143-game* minor league seasons: +1,430
  • 39 spring trainings (let's assume 30 games): +1,170

Total: 9,064

Am I missing any? Monahan is still just 71 years old and in great shape. Someone buy the guy a copy of a world record book and some season tickets. He's got a shot at glory.