Quick Hit: The Abominable Free Agent Class

One of the running themes of the last several episodes of the IIATMS Podcast has been the horrific crop of free agents that teams will be throwing money at this off-season. In his annual free agent rankings piece, Keith Law stated the following:

This year's free agent class might be the worst I've ever seen. It's certainly the worst, whether we're talking top-tier talent or overall depth, of any class I've ranked since joining ESPN in 2006. As good as last year's crop was, this year's is that bad and then some. There's as little starting pitching as you'll ever see, virtually no help at any of the three skill positions in the infield and way too many platoon corner bats or DHs. That doesn't mean we will see a winter without long-term deals and huge salaries; there's money out there to be spent, but nothing great to spend it on.

The Yankees best options for the rotation are a 36-year-old that has thrown 292.1 IP since the beginning of the 2008 season (and missed a dozen or so starts this year with injuries), a 29-year-old that was awful and/or hurt from 2013 through 2015 (and will cost a draft pick), an almost 33-year-old that has never been healthy (or particularly good), a 43-year-old that defies the rules of nature (in more ways than one), a 33-year-old that backslid in virtually every indicator last year (and posted a tidy 5.37 ERA in a pitcher's park), and ... Ivan Nova. That's not ideal.

Of course, this is largely a moot point. The Yankees will pursue one or two of Aroldis Chapman, Mark Melancon, and Kenley Jansen, and a flier or two to round out the 40-man roster (Jorge De La Rosa feels like an inevitability for some reason). And that's what they should do, as they continue to trust their system, and bide their time for a much better group this time next year, and the epic free agent class of 2018-19.