New Website!

Welcome to our new website! We're now hosted out of Squarespace. Hopefully, you won't notice anything more than a few cosmetic changes. We're still running the same old IIATMS, just hopefully without all of the server difficulties that have frustrated us (and you, judging by your comments) over the past year. 

The one difference you might see is that we've put a link to the Podcast feed right up top. We're going to be hosting the podcast here  instead of in the old feed. This means that after the next episode (recording tonight), you will have to readjust your podcast feed.

Why did we move to a new website? We'll spare you all the details, but here is the short answer. IIATMS and the blogs that merged into it have been posting >3 posts/day on average since 2008. Over time, the size of our archive made it prohibitively difficult to run the site on an open source platform like Wordpress without paying a systems admin. Over the last two months, the site had been hacked several times, which is one reason we had to eliminate comments. So, we decided to get with the times and pay Squarespace to manage the site for us.

IIATMS is an amateur site. We're fans who like to write about baseball and talk about it with you guys. The few ads on the right sidebar are just to cover the $18/month that we pay Squarespace. Thank you for sticking with us through the technical difficulties. We were worried for a bit that we would be forced to stop blogging due to all of these problems.