Weekend Game Recaps: Yanks-Sox

It wasn't a sweep, but the Yankees did little over the weekend to convince anybody with a functioning brain that they're truly going to contend for the postseason.  We're 91 games into this season and they're under .500.  That's really the only argument you need.

Friday- The Yankees have been getting beasted by Steven Wright and his knuckleball all year, and while they did get to him for a few runs on Friday night, it wasn't like they slapped him around the yard.  Carlos Beltran singled in 2 runs because he's awesome and the other run came on an RBI groundout because almost the entire rest of the team stinks.  Michael Pineda was back to his usual form, giving up 5 runs on 5 hits in 5 innings of work.  All 5 runs came on 3 homers, one of the homers was hit by Ryan Hanigan.  That isn't going to help the old trade value.

Saturday- Eduardo Rodriguez has been mostly terrible this season.  He hadn't pitched more than 6 innings in any start before facing the Yankees on Saturday and hadn't given up less than 4 runs in a start since May.  Naturally he threw 7 innings of 1-run ball and picked up the win while CC Sabathia's regressionary crash back to reality continued.  He actually didn't pitch that poorly in his 5.1 innings and got burned by bad defense and bad BIP luck, but he threw a hanger to Sandy Leon in the 6th that Leon hit for a 2-run home run, turning a close 2-1 ballgame into an insurmountable 5-1 ballgame.  Props to Chase Headley for coming through with the customary meaningless late-game run.

Sunday- When things are going bad and they really need a win, it's good to know the Yanks still have Masahiro Tanaka in their rotation.  He saved them from a sweep with 6 1-run innings last night and looked like he hardly broke a sweat doing it.  Dustin Pedroia got him for a solo shot in the 1st inning and Tanaka shut it down from there.  He threw 87 pitches, struck out 7, and handed a lead to the bullpen big 3.  That lead came after a 4th inning rally started by the bottom of the order.  Chapillances did their thing and held the Boston lineup scoreless, and the Yankees have a chance to get back to .500 for the 18th time this season tonight against Baltimore.