Game 84 Recap: CHW 5 NYY 0

Please sell.  Sell everybody.  Maybe keep Didi and Dellin, but sell the rest or sell as much as you reasonably can.  The Yankees dropped the series finale in Chicago in lame fashion last night, getting shut out by the White Sox.

Michael Pineda had been the best starter in the Yankee rotation over the last 2-3 weeks heading into last night's outing.  So naturally he reverted back to Bad Mike form and got knocked around early on a bunch of bad 2-out, 2-strike pitches.  The White Sox got 4 in the bottom of the 2nd after making 2 quick outs.  Brett Lawrie singled to keep the inning alive and Pineda followed that up by walking Dioner Navarro on 4 pitches.  Not what you want to see.  Those 2 baserunners turned into 2 runs when the next 2 batters singled through the hole and hit a double down the left field line.

Where the inning really fell apart was with the next hitter, Tim Anderson.  Pineda got ahead 0-2 on a pair of sliders and threw the next one right over the middle of the plate.  Anderson smacked it for a 2-run double and the game was basically over.  From 2 outs and nobody on to 5 straight baserunners and 4 runs.  That's Michael Pineda.

The offense got cuffed, gagged, stuffed in a duffel bag, and thrown in the river by Chicago starter Miguel Gonzalez.  He went 7 scoreless before handing the game over to the bullpen and the best the Yankees could generate was 2 on, 2 out in the top of the 1st.  They went 0-8 with runners in scoring position and the only extra base hit on the night came off the bat of Didi Gregorius.  Sad effort.

Game Notes:

- Didi actually had 3 hits, as did Jacoby Ellsbury from the leadoff spot.  The rest of the lineup went 2-26 with 1 walk and 6 strikeouts.

- Carlos Beltran went 0-4 with a strikeout.  When he don't hit, team don't score.

- Pineda's exit after 6 innings and 5 runs gave us our first look at Nathan Eovaldi as a reliever.  He worked 2 scoreless, hitless innings with 2 walks and a strikeout.  He threw 34 pitches and I don't think 1 of them was swung at and missed.