Ballad of Youth

Some quick math: the average age of today's Yankees lineup is 26 & 2/3, with only two guys over 30 (Jacoby Ellsbury & Chase Headley). If that doesn't sound incredibly young because a player that age isn't typically a newbie, (a) it is incredibly young as an average, because no team plays an all-rookie lineup, and (b) it's far younger than the average age of the Yankees' regular lineup for most of this season, which was almost 33 (which, though old-not-ancient for any one guy, is incredibly old as an average that means for every guy in his 20s you have another in his late 30s). Today's average of 26.6 is about the average age of my law students, which makes me feel old on a few levels.

Seeing an unusually young Yankee lineup made me think of Ballad of Youth, the 1991 solo offering by Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora, who was genuinely talented but prone to godawfully corny (and ungrammatical) lyrics (line one of "Ballad of Youth": "Growing up today, there's many mountains you must climb..."), which may be why that song didn't propel him into solo superstardom and is on nobody's 2016 iPhone other than mine. Sambora was an underrated part of Bon Jovi's success until turning into the band's Yasiel Puig ("I haven't seen him in over three years. He just didn't show up for work anymore," Bon Jovi recalled).