Game 107 Recap: NYY 9 NYM 5

I'll be honest, I was under the weather yesterday so I didn't watch much of this game.  I definitely didn't see any of the emotional fireworks between the 2 teams in the late innings, but they sure sounded fun.  When all the dust had settled and tempers had cooled, the Yankees came out on top.

It looked like we were going to be in for a football final score the way things started.  The Mets came out and got 2 in the top of the 1st off Chad Green on a leadoff homer by Curtis Granderson and a barrage of base hits.  The Yankees struck back with 3 in the bottom of the 1st against Steven Matz on doubles by Chase Headley and Didi Gregorius.  A leadoff double and a ribbie single gave the Mets the game-tying run in the top of the 2nd, but the Yankees answered back in the bottom half on a 3-run opposite field home run by Mark Teixeira.

That homer maybe got to Matz, who hit Teix low on his lead leg when he came up again in the 5th.  That angered Teix and he let Matz know about it on his way to first base, which brought both teams out for the usual "basebrawl" standaround.  Teix got into it a little bit with Hansel Robles in the bottom of the 7th when he was standing on second base, and in some way that may have contributed to the Yankees picking up 3 big insurance runs in the inning.

As bad as Chad Green was, and he was plenty bad in 3.2 innings, Luis Severino was that good in relief.  Severino came on and pitched 4.1 innings of 1-run ball, the run unearned, to get the game to the 9th inning, where Tyler Clippard tossed a scoreless 9th.  Ballgame Yankees, time for the series W today.

Game Notes:

- Interesting line for Teix: 1-1, 1 HR, 3 R, 3 RBI, 2 BB, 1 HBP.  Real good night for the OBP.  Also him talking sh*t to Robles and the replay of him laughing at second base were top notch.

- Not so much for Green.  He gave up 8 hits and walked 4 while recording only 11 outs, and he has not looked good at all as a starter since that San Diego outing.

- Methinks Severino may be taking that spot over in the not to distant future.  I did see a little bit of him while I was awake last night and his slider looks much improved over the version from April.  It's tighter, it has more movement to it, and it's dropping down and out of the strike zone as opposed to lazily curving to the bottom corner of it.  I liked the decision to bring Severino back in a relief role to start slowly and get some confidence back.  I'd like it even more if the Yankees got him back into the rotation before the end of the season.  His future should still be there.

- Solid nights for the kids.  Rob Refsnyder went 2-4 with 2 runs scored hitting second in the batting order, and Gary Sanchez went 1-4 with a run hitting 8th.  He's finally on the board.