Game 145 Recap: LAD 2 NYY 0

This was a weird game all around.  Rain delays, short starts, questionable pinch hitting decisions, untimely errors.  The Yankees had all kinds of opportunities to win it, which was somewhat unexpected given the opposing starting pitcher, but they capitalized on none of them and then collectively gagged the game away on defense in the top of the 9th.

The one thing that did go as planned was the offense's complete lack of production against Clayton Kershaw.  His day was shortened to just 5 innings, but those 5 innings were scoreless with a lone hit against him to show for the Yankees' efforts.  Their best, and really only, good chance to score against Kershaw came in the bottom of the 5th after the second rain delay.  A leadoff error, a Chase Headley base hit, and a sac bunt put runners on second and third with 1 out.  Kershaw quickly shut it down with 2 strikeouts to end his day.

Michael Pineda gave the Yankees 4 scoreless, inefficient innings, and also saw his day come to an early close after the first rain delay and him possibly getting stepped on covering first base for the inning-ending double play in the top of the 4th.  Joe pieced the rest of the game together with his bullpen, and the combination of Tommy Layne, Luis Severino, and Tyler Clippard threw 4 more scoreless frames to send the game to the 9th.

Joe correctly went with Dellin Betances in the inning and things got off to a rough start when Starlin Castro muffed a ground ball right at him for an error.  Corey Seager quickly stole second base to put himself in scoring position and Justin Turner drove him home with a ground ball double down the left field line.  Turner moved to third on Adrian Gonzalez's flyout and scored on the next play when Dellin short-armed a comebacker to the mound on his throw to the plate and airmailed it over Gary Sanchez's head.  It was pathetic.  That second run loomed large in the bottom half of the inning and the Yankees could do nothing against Kenley Jansen.  A bad loss for sure.

Game Notes:

- The Yankees had 3 hits as a team and Starlin had 2 of them.  His error in the 9th was also the reason they lost the game, more than Dellin's weak throw on the second run.

- I don't know if Joe was waiting for a potential walk-off win scenario to use Teix, but it was inexplicable how he sat on the bench all night while Austin Romine and Tyler Austin got important at-bats.  Even at the end of his career, I still trust Teix to come up with a quality at-bat in a tie game than those other 2.

- Tyler Clippard has an 0.47 ERA in 21 games since coming back.  That's incredible.

- If this game doesn't force Betances to learn how to field his position this offseason and next spring, nothing will.  This was not the first time his bad throws have cost him and this was a big moment to have one cost the team.  I love Dellin, but it's incomprehensible to me how he isn't able to make a simple throw to a base.  The steals against him I don't mind.  The guy is 14 feet tall and that means a long delivery.  But you have to be able to field and throw the ball to someone 20, 30 feet away in the big leagues.  You can't just be a pitcher, dude.  You have to be a baseball player.