Game 146 Recap: BOS 7 NYY 5

That was the worst loss of the season, hands down.  If it didn't kill the Yankees' playoff chances, it came damn close.  If you didn't watch it, good.  Don't.  Don't be near a TV at any point today to see the highlights.  It sucked.

We'll just skip to the bottom of the 9th since that outcome rendered everything that happened before it meaningless.  The Yankees were up 5-2, they had 1 out and a runner on first, and Joe went to what he surely knew was a less-than-his-best Dellin Betances for the final 2 outs.  It was clear from the first pitch that Betances was gassed and he walked Dustin Pedroia on 5 pitches to bring the tying run to the plate.

Betances got the second out by making a nice play on a Xander Bogaerts comebacker and underhanding it home to catch Chris Young in a rundown, and it looked like he was going to escape.  Then David Ortiz laced a 3-1 pitch for a run-scoring hit to make it 5-3, Mookie Betts pulled a ground ball single through the hole at short to make it 5-4, and Hanley Ramirez came up with a chance to tie the game.

Dellin missed with a fastball and a curve to get behind 2-0, and neither of the pitches were close.  Hanley helped him out and failed at ball 3 for the first strike, and Dellin threw what should have been strike 2 with a curveball on the next pitch.  Home plate ump didn't see it that way, called it 3-1, and Dellin grooved the next fastball for a walk-off 3-run homer.  It wasn't a cheapie either, Hanley hit it out into deep center.  Gut punch, sack tap, slap in the face, all of it.  Brutal, brutal loss.

Game Notes:

- Masahiro Tanaka was strangely brilliant, throwing 7 1-run innings without his best command, his splitter, or a strikeout.

- Yankees left 12 men on base after jumping out early, and got really burned when a Mason Williams liner with the bases loaded in the top of the 9th went right into Joe Kelly's glove.  That would have been 2 more insurance runs.

- Starlin Castro went 4-5 with 2 ribbies.  He's as locked in as it gets right now.

- Hard to blame Joe or Dellin for what happened.  The Yankees have a painfully short bullpen even with all the extra September arms, Warren was gone, Clippard was unavailable, and you certainly aren't going to let the game slip away in the 9th at the hands of Tommy Layne and Blake Parker if you're Joe.  You have to go to your best there and hope he's got enough to get 2 outs.  Dellin didn't, and that's perfectly understandable given his high workload lately.  It was a perfect recipe for a meltdown and that's what happened.  Nobody's fault really, just bad circumstances and worse timing.