Quick Hit: The Bullpen

Much has been made of the Yankees selling at the trade deadline, given that they have the third best record in baseball (by winning percentage) since August 1. Can you imagine how much better they would be right now if they hadn't dealt Andrew Miller, Aroldis Chapman, and Carlos Beltran? The answer, at least as it pertains to the first two, may well be "not all that much."

The Yankees bullpen has put up the following ERA and WPA on a month-to-month basis:

  • April - 4.04 ERA, 1.06 WPA
  • May - 3.01 ERA, 1.51 WPA
  • June - 4.84 ERA, 0.38 WPA
  • July - 1.81 ERA, 2.43 WPA
  • August - 3.72 ERA, 1.07 WPA
  • September - 3.14 ERA, 0.93 WPA

With the exception of falling off the pace set by the ridiculously dominant July, it's essentially status quo. And shutdowns and meltdowns tell the same story - keep in mind that Anthony Swarzak blowing a lead in the middle innings qualifies as a meltdown (making this a more accurate reflection of the bullpen harming the team than a blown save alone):

  • April - 19 SD, 8 MD
  • May - 23 SD, 9 MD
  • June - 20 SD, 11 MD
  • July - 22 SD, 5 MD
  • August - 20 SD, 11 MD
  • September - 13 SD, 4 MD

Having Beltan in the lineup would undoubtedly make the team more formidable, but it genuinely seems as though losing two of the best relievers in baseball has done little to hinder the Yankees ability to close out games. Joe Girardi and Co. have done a fine job of holding onto the leads that the offense provides, and the staff deserves a great deal of credit.