Wild Card Game: Twins vs Yanks

Girardi goes with the best OF. Holliday out. Headley sits -- early. Yanks at full Aaron strength.  Twins say No Sano!

Can Sanchez and Sevy stop the Twins from running? Can the outfield arms prevent the Twins from taking the extra base? Is Girardi's leash too short or too long or is it the Goldilocks' leash? Who will get the first PH attempt Holliday or Headley? Will Sevy be "on?"


Dozier, 2B
Mauer, 1B
Polanco, SS
Rosario, LF
Escobar, 3B
Kepler, RF
Buxton, CF
Castro, C
Grossman, DH
Santana, P


Gardner, LF
Judge, RF
Sanchez, C
Gregorius, SS
Castro. 2B
Bird, 1B
Hicks, CF
Ellsbury, DH
T. Frazier, 3B
Severino, P

Game on ESPN.....ugh!