Yankees Interested in Chris Carter?

Presumably, this would push Tyler Austin back to the minor leagues.

I was more mixed at first, but given a little bit of thought, I'm a fan. Chris Carter would give the Yankees an elite bat off the bench. He hit .224/.338/.537 against left-handed pitching last season. The Yankee lineup is already righty-heavy, but Carter would be a big improvement over Ellsbury, Gardner, Castro, Gregorius, and Holliday in certain situations. He also provides valuable Greg Bird and Matt Holliday insurance, which the Yankees could definitely use. Judging by his lack of MLB interest and rumors from Japan, he won't cost too much.

I love Tyler Austin, but he shouldn't hold up a move like this. Austin has options remaining, and isn't good enough to be concerned about blocking. If Carter is terrible, the Yankees can release him and call up Austin. If Greg Bird or Matt Holliday go down, they can slot in Carter and call up Austin. Although it feels like Austin has been around forever, he is still only 25 years old with 533 career Triple-A at-bats. Austin can still improve with reps at Triple-A. 

But that's just me. Should the Yankees sign Chris Carter to a 1-year deal?