Quick Hit: Greg Bird Puts Mars on Notice

If SpacEx wants to go to Mars, they should inquire on Greg Bird's bat. The redshirt sophomore added to his spring training MVP case today with a pair of home runs, including one that exited the stadium on one hop after clearing the center field wall. The thought of Sanchez and Bird back-to-back, and belly-to-belly, in the Yankee lineup definitely takes some of the sting out of losing a potential all-star short stop for the month of April.

Two points of note:

  1. I was wrong. Bill McKinney is not the story of spring training. He's a nice story, but Greg Bird is the story. I realize this also means that EJ was right about Bird (but it doesn't change the fact that I would trade Mason Williams).
  2. The spring-training-Yankees have performed way too well for a spring training club, and now I'm nervous for the regular-season-Yankees.  

Enjoy the WBC tonight.