ST Game # 27 -- Yanks vs Rays

here may well be more fans at this game than at most games at the Trop!

Yankees                                                                Rays

Ellsbury, CF                                           Beckham, SS

Hicks, LF                                                Kiermaier, CF

Bird, 1B                                                   Longoria, 3B

Carter,. DH                                              Weeks, Jr, 1B

Judge, RF                                               Sousza, Jr., RF

Romine, C                                                Rasmus, DH

Torreyes, 3B                                            Soucre, C

Solano, 2B                                                Franklin, 2B

Kozma, SS                                                Smith, LF

Montgomery, P                                         Pruitt, P

No known (to me) TV coverage.