ST Game # 34 and LAST -- Yanks vs Braves

Yanks                                     Braves

Gardner, LF                           Inciarte, CF

Sanchez, C                            Swanson, SS

Bird, 1B                                   Freeman, 1B

Holliday, DH                           Kemp, LF

Ellsbury, CF                           Markakis, RF

Castro, 2B                              Phillips, 2B

Headley, 3B                           Garcia, 3B

Judge, RF                              Flowers, C

Torreyes, SS                           Suzuki, DH

Pineda, P                                Colon, P

Game on MLBN and YES

There's "Burning Down the House," but in Atlanta apparently it's burning down the bridge -- or at least the elevated section of the road.