Game # 7 -- HOME OPENER -- Rays (5-2) vs Yanks (2-4)

So far this season the Yanks are responsible for half of the Rays losses!

RAYS                                    YANKS

Dickerson, DH                      Gardner, LF

Keirmaier, CF                       Ellsbury, CF

Longoria, 3B                        Holliday, DH

Miller, 2B                              Carter, 1B

Souza, Jr, RF                        Castro, 2B

Morrison, 1B                         Headley, 3B

Norris, C                              Judge, RF

Smith, LF                             Romine, C

Beckham, SS                       Torreyes, SS

Cobb, P                                Pineda, P

TV on YES and MLBN -- probably some juicey station in Tampa, FL