One Hot and One Cold Start From Each Yankees Minor League Affiliate

Three weeks have passed in the minor leagues. On Sunday, the Yankees made their first major promotion of the season by shifting Albert Abreu from Single-A to High-A. That's a good sign to start checking in on the minors. Below, I've pulled out one particularly hot start and one particularly cold start at each level.

Low-A Charleston Riverdogs

Hot: Hoy Jun Park, SS. Dude is hitting an incredible .382/.469/.527, 11.5%/13.5% K/BB, 180 wRC+, Park is 21 years old and considered an advanced hitter, so it was a little surprising to see him assigned to Charleston in the first place after spending all of 2016 there. My guess is they were waiting for Jorge Mateo to play himself out of the shortstop job in Tampa. He could be waiting awhile.

Cold: Leonardo Molina, OF. Molina was 2015's "Yankee toolshed who hasn't come stateside yet but prospect people rank top-10." Those players never seem to work out. Molina is hitting .214/.227/.262, 29.5%/2.3%, 39 wRC+. He's not good.

Honorable Mentions: Blake Rutherford is hitting .298/.431/.404, 27.6%/19.0% K/BB, 142 wRC+.  I guess you could call that a mature approach at the plate?

High-A Tampa Yankees

Hot: Albert Abreu, RHP. Abreu has always had killer stuff. The reason that he was given up by the Astros in return for Brian McCann was poor control. Through three starts, Abreu has put up a 1.84 ERA, 40% (!)/5.5% K/BB. That's how you get promoted quickly. Abreu was already old for Low-A, so we'll see how he does in the Florida State League.

Cold: Kyle Holder, SS. Holder is a glove-first shortstop, but he's just been awful with the bat this season. The line is .087/.122/.174, 20%/4% K/BB, -20 wRC+. The Yankees never did learn their lesson from the Cito Culver pick.

Honorable Mention: Jorge Mateo is hitting just kind of okay, .275/.327/.353, 23%/5% K/BB, 105 wRC+. If there's a silver lining, Tampa has seen particularly strong pitching this season. Mateo is the only player with a wRC+ over 100 other than the 27-year-old Matt Snyder.

Double-A Trenton Thunder

Hot: Chance Adams, RHP. Adams has been pretty much unhittable so far in 16 1/3 innings, 1.10 ERA, 27%/10.5% K/BB. The poor control is a little troubling, but Adams may just be too hard to hit for the level. Apparently the cold weather is a problem. There are spots available at Triple-A and Adams already has 86 innings with a 1.88 ERA at Trenton, so I have to imagine he's due for a promotion soon.  

Cold: Billy McKinney, OF. His strong spring must feel like a long time ago. McKinney is hitting .152/.293/.364, 24%/7% K/BB, 80 wRC+. This is McKinney's third season at Double-A, so he should be raking. Not good.

Honorable Mention: There was weird rumors of a Justus Sheffield injury to start the season. 11 2/3 innings with an ERA of 0.77 will take care of that.

Triple-A Scranton Railriders

Hot: Chad Green, RHP. Repeating Triple-A, Green is killing it. He's put up an ERA of 3.00, 28%/3% K/BB. I don't think it's fair to label him at Quad-A player at this point. Green has dominated Triple-A, and managed to strike out 26% of batters in his first stint in the majors. I bet he's better than Sabathia right now.

Cold: Mason Williams OF. Williams has been awful, hitting .167/.220/.194, 23%/7% K/BB, 16 wRC+. His calling card has always been the ability to make contact, so the elevated strikeout rate in his third Triple-A season is particularly concerning. He's going to get himself DFA'd at this point. 

Honorable Mention: Tyler Wade is having a very Wade-y season, especially once you deflate the elevated .459 BABIP. He's hitting .386/.417/.409, 17%/4%, 135 wRC+. You can count on his batting line finishing the season somewhere around .275/.350/.350 with 30 stolen bases.