Game #19 Recap: Yankees Beat Red Sox 3-1

I think it's time for my mea culpa on Luis Severino. I advocated a full time relief conversion. He dominated the Red Sox today. The best offense in the American League barely made any hard contact today. Severino even got Mookie Betts to strike out twice - one more than the entire league through his first 76 plate appearances. The dude is dealing. His 3.00 ERA feels unlucky. 

Chapman made it interesting in the 9th, but the game was all Yankees through the first eight. The Yankees are now 2 games up on the Red Sox. Somehow, the Orioles are still in first place. 

Aaron Judge turned 25 today. As you can see above, he responded with a light poke to the opposite field. Statcast has the ball at 110 mph, but I don't buy it. That didn't feel hard hit.

He also did his best Derek Jeter impression:

Finally, this is the first time that the Yankees and Red Sox met this season. The rivalry has felt stale for a few years now. The two teams haven't actually met in the playoffs since 2004 (!). With David Ortiz, Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, and all of the older guard gone, I think the younger players could rejuvenate the tension that we all love so much. It may take a playoff series or two though. Or a hard slide into second.