Game Thread # 2 -- Yanks (0-1) vs Rays (1-0)

The last place Yanks take on the high flying Rays -- who are tied for the best record in baseball.

Yanks                                         Rays

Gardner, LF                                Souza, Jr, RF

Sanchez, C                                 Kiermaier, CF

Bird, 1B                                       Longoria, 3B

Holliday, DH                               Weeks, 1B

Ellsbury, CF                                Beckham, SS

Castro, 2B                                  Miller, 2B

Headley, 3B                                Norris, C

Judge, RF                                  Robertson, DH

Torreyes, SS                               Bourjos, LF   

Sabathia, P                                Odorizzi, P

CC gets the first crack as being the 2017 stopper!

Game on YES!