Game # 3 -- Yanks (1-1) vs Rays (1-1)

The Yanks, led by early MVP candidate Chase Headley, try to win the series against the team with the worst stadium in all of sports. (I think that Matt Holliday disagrees.)

Yanks                                       Rays

Gardner, LF                              Dickerson, DH

Sanchez, C                               Kiermaier, CF

Bird, 1B                                     Longoria, 3B

Holliday, DH                             Miller, 2B

Ellsbury, CF                             Souza, Jr, RF

Castro, 2B                                Morrison, 1B

Headley, 3B                              Beckhman, SS

Judge, RF                                Smith, LF

Torreyes, SS                             Norris, C

Pineda, P                                 Cobb, P

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