Games # 6 -- Yanks (1-4) vs Os (4-0)

It's hard to imagine the Yanks playing worse without Sanchez. So far the offense, defense, SP, and relief pitching have all been sub-par and must improve immediately. Today we'll see if Hundred Hundred can be the stopper again!  Bird sits. Ells sits. Judge stands! Romine squats.

YANKS                                  OREOS

Gardner, LF                          Gentry, LF

Hicks, CF                              Jones, CF

Holliday, DH                         Machado, 3B

Carter, 1B                              Trumbo, RF

Castro, 2B                             Davis, 1B

Headley, 3B                           Mancinin, DH

Judge, RF                             Schoop, 2B

Romine, C                             Hardy, SS

Torreyes, SS                          Joseph, C

Sabathia, P                            Miley, P

Game on YES.