Game # 35 -- Astros (25-12) vs Yanks (22-12)

Yanks need to win 2 for #2. They have a chance to win two games on the same day for the 2nd time in 6 days. If the Yanks win tonight they will have split the series, but will have gone from an 0.001 lead over the Astros to trailing by 0.001. Yanks back to full-Aaron strength. Headley and Ells sit.


Springer, CF
Reddick, RF
Altuve, 2B
Correia, SS
Beltran, DH
McCann, C
Gurriel, 1B
Bregman, 3B
Marisnick, LF

Morton, P


Gardner, LF
Sanchez, C
Holliday, DH
Castro, 2B
Judge, RF
Gregorius, SS
Hicks, CF
Carter, 1B
Torreyes, 3B

Tanaka, P

 All the Yanks should be wearing #2.

1996 -- Dwight Gooden no-hits the Mariners in a 2-0 win at YS

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