Game # 36 -- Yanks (22-13) vs Royals (16-21)

It's tougher on the road, but after the disastrous (1-3) performance against Houston, the Yanks need to start a new winning streak. Main cast of characters in.


  1. LF: Brett Gardner
  2. C: Gary Sanchez
  3. DH: Matt Holliday
  4. 2B: Starlin Castro
  5. RF: Aaron Judge
  6. CF: Jacoby Ellsbury
  7. 3B: Chase Headley
  8. SS: Didi Gregorius
  9. 1B: Chris Carter
  10. SP: CC Sabathia


  1. SS: Alcides Escobar
  2. 3B: Mike Moustakas
  3. CF: Lorenzo Cain
  4. 1B: Eric Hosmer
  5. C: Salvador Perez
  6. RF: Jorge Bonifacio
  7. DH: Jorge Soler
  8. LF: Alex Gordon
  9. 2B: Whit Merrifield
  10. SP: Jason Hammel

Austin faced live pitching today and could begin re-hab assignment soon. Hear the footsteps Mr. Carter?

1951 -- The Mick, batting against the immortal Randy Gumpert at Cominsky Park, hits his 1st MLB home run.

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