Two Roster Moves the Yankees Should Make

 It's mid-May. We have a lot of information about the players in the Yankee organization and major leagues. The Yankees are in first place, with a healthy lead on the Red Sox down in third. It's time to consider how to cut the fat off the roster and improve the team. Here are three roster moves the Yankees should make:

Release Chris Carter. Call Up Mike Ford

With Greg Bird still not allowed to resume baseball activities following his ankle injury, the Yankees have a huge problem at first base. Chris Carter has been a below-replacement level player, hitting just .232/.316/.377 with a 35% strikeout rate. The Yankees need better out of first base. They can't get much worse.

Enter Mike Ford. I wrote about him a few weeks ago. If anything, he has improved his case since that post. He earned a promotion to Triple-A, and is 5-13 with 2 doubles, a home run and two walks so far. He's at .311/.422/.484 on the season, with a 15% strikeout rate and 16% walk rate. Dude is raking. He's also a left-handed hitter who would love to hit in Yankee Stadium.

Ford is probably a better player than Chris Carter right now, and can't be much worse. There's also a pretty decent chance that he's better than Tyler Austin, who is also looming. The Yankees should give Ford a shot.

Option Ronald Torreyes, Call Up Tyler Wade

We all love those Torreyes/Judge antics. Torreyes did an admirable job filling in for Didi Gregorius in April. Even with his April performance, Torreyes has hit just .295/.303/.386 on the season. He's not walking. He's not hitting for power. He's not a weapon on the bases. He's just a guy who can make contact and play a bunch of positions.

You know who else can make contact and play a bunch of positions? Tyler Wade. The shortstop/outfielder is hitting .319/.394/.447 at Triple-A with 12 stolen bases. His early season performance was largely BABIP-driven, but he's remained hot of late without great batted ball luck. 

Wade is can do a lot more than Torreyes. He is a true weapon on the bases. He can play the outfield as well as the infield. He's a better hitter than Torreyes. The Yankees are a better team with him as their utility guy than Torreyes. Worst case scenario, they can call Torreyes back up if need be.