Greg Bird placed on the disabled list

There was only so much time for the Yankees to wait for Greg Bird to turn things around. After hitting .100/.250/.200 in 72 plate appearances, the first baseman was placed on the disabled list with a right ankle bruise stemming from a ball he fouled off himself at the end of camp. Rob Refsnyder was called up to take his roster spot.

It's not clear if the ankle injury flared up again recently or if this is something that's nagged him for the past month to the point where it's not worth playing anymore. Either way, all parties involved are better off allowing a full recovery. Hopefully, upon return, we see more of the Bird that we saw back in spring training. That'll certainly exonerate his poor play in April and make it rather clear that his ankle was to blame.

Refsnyder isn't the intriguing stopgap solution EJ proposed earlier today, but it's not surprising either. He's already on the 40-man roster and was likely to get the call before management ran with an option off the 40-man roster. That said, don't expect much run for Refsnyder in the early going. Chris Carter will probably get the majority of the reps at first base going forward.