Game # 40 -- Yanks (24-15) vs Rays (22-22)

After a torrid spell the Yanks have returned to mediocrity going 3-6 over the past 9 games. The pitching has really been rather poor for the past 19 games, giving up 5.42 runs per game. They are in the midst of a 13 game stretch of playing sub-500 teams, but so far are only 2-2. It is critical that Tanaka step up his game this afternoon.

Yanks playing with only one Aaron in the OF -- and it ain't Judge. Holliday at 1B, Judge at DH.


Gardner, CF
Sanchez, C
Holliday, 1B
Castro, 2B
Judge, RF
Ellsbury, CF
Headley, 3B
Gregorius, SS
Hicks, RF
Tanaka, P


Dickerson, DH
Keirmaier, CF
Longoria, 3B
Morrison, 1B
Souza, Jr, RF
Rasmus, LF
Beckham, SS
Robertson, 2B
Sucre, C
Andriese, P

God willing and the Disqus does rise, I'll be commenting during the game.

Game on YES.