Game # 42 -- Royals (18-25) vs Yanks (25-16)

Yanks now 3-3 in midst of 13 games versus sub-.500 teams. They need to win at least 5, preferably 6 of the next 7 games. Ells sits. Aarons back-to-back in lineup! Word of caution to infielders not named DD -- Torres is at SWB, a short trip to YS.


  1. SS: Alcides Escobar
  2. 3B: Mike Moustakas
  3. CF: Lorenzo Cain
  4. 1B: Eric Hosmer
  5. C: Salvador Perez
  6. DH: Brandon Moss
  7. LF: Jorge Bonifacio
  8. RF: Jorge Soler
  9. 2B: Whit Merrifield
  10. SP: Jason Vargas


Gardner, CF
Sanchez, C
Holliday, DH
Castro, 2B
Judge, RF
Hicks, CF
Gregorius, SS
Headley, 3B
Carter, 1B
Pineda, P

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