Game # 49 -- Yankees (29-19) vs Baltimore (26-23)

Well, the Orioles were slumping before the Yanks arrived. Now the Yanks have to turn it around. If an effort to get moire offense, Carter sits and Refs grabs his 1B mitt. Louis-Louis to pitch.


Gardner, CF
Sanchez, C
Holliday, DH
Castro, 2B
Judge, RF
Gregorius, SS
Hicks, CF
Headley, 3B
Refsnyder, 1B
Serverino, P


Smith, LF
Jones, CF
Machado, 3B
Trumbo, DH
Davis, 1B
Castillo, C
Schhop, 2B
Mancini, LF
Hardy, SS
Tillman, P

1956 -- The Mick hits the RF facade at YS off of Pedro Ramos.

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