Game # 50 -- Yankees (30-19) vs Baltimore (26-24)

It's the rubber game of the series -- although it's exceedingly rare to use real rubber anymore. For the Yankees to win tonight things will have to get a little hairy. Tanaka gets his personal catcher. Let's just hope that this time Girardi remembers to let Sanchez catch the relievers. DD sits. Refs gets another chance to break the jinx.


  1. LF: Brett Gardner
  2. CF: Aaron Hicks
  3. DH: Matt Holliday
  4. 2B: Starlin Castro
  5. RF: Aaron Judge
  6. 3B: Chase Headley
  7. SS: Ronald Torreyes
  8. C: Austin Romine
  9. 1B: Rob Refsnyder
  10. SP: Masahiro Tanaka


  1. RF: Seth Smith
  2. CF: Adam Jones
  3. 3B: Manny Machado
  4. DH: Mark Trumbo
  5. 1B: Chris Davis
  6. LF: Trey Mancini
  7. 2B: Jonathan Schoop
  8. C: Caleb Joseph
  9. SS: J.J. Hardy
  10. SP: Kevin Gausman

1983 -- After George Steinbrenner criticizes the umps, AL President Lee McPhail suspends him for one week. That taught him!

Yes, no YES. Game is on WPIX.