Game # 74: Yanks (40-33) vs White Sox (32-42)

Can the Yanks become the Lazarus Yankees? The Yanks should be able to feast on the CWS. However, clubs around and below .500 have recently made the Yanks the feasties. Can Headley continue his post-epidural surge? Should more Yanks get epidural shots? Can Monty become the stopper? Will Clippard ever pitch a clean inning again? Will Wile E Coyote ever catch the Road Runner?

Roster Moves:
     Hicks to 10 DL
     Refs replaces Hicks
     Williams back to SWB
     Ellsbury activated off 7 Day DL
     Herrera recalled for Webb
     Webb returned to SWB
I gather the Yanks are buying bulk airline tickets. 

Castro returns. Ellsbury returns. DD sits. Holliday still out -- getting concerned. Romine squats. Sanchez DHes. Austin bats 5th???????????????? Yanks at full Austin strength, but will be at half Aaron strength for awhile.


  1. LF: Brett Gardner
  2. 2B: Starlin Castro
  3. RF: Aaron Judge
  4. DH: Gary Sanchez
  5. 1B: Tyler Austin
  6. CF: Jacoby Ellsbury
  7. 3B: Chase Headley
  8. C: Austin Romine
  9. SS: Ronald Torreyes
  10. SP: Jordan Montgomery

White Sox

  1. SS: Tim Anderson
  2. LF: Melky Cabrera
  3. DH: Jose Abreu
  4. RF: Avisail Garcia
  5. 3B: Todd Frazier
  6. 1B: Matt Davidson
  7. 2B: Carlos Sanchez
  8. C: Kevan Smith
  9. CF: Adam Engel
  10. SP: David Holmberg

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