Game # 100: TB (53-49) vs Yanks (53-46)

This is a big series and the Yanks simply MUST win at least 2 games -- preferably 3.

C. Frazier gets a 50% day. Wade is back. Holliday sits. Judge returns!


Souza, Jr. RF
Plouffe, DH
Longoria, 3B
Morrison., 1B
Ramos, C
Dickerson, LF
Beckhman, 2B
Hechavarria< SS
Bourjos, CF
Archer, P


Gardner, LF
C. Frazier, DH
Judge, RF
Sanchez, C
Gregorius, SS
Headley, 1B
Ellsbury, CF
T. Frazier, 3B
Wade, 2B
Sabathia, P


Game on YES and MLBN.