Game # 83: BJs (38-45) vs Yanks (44-38)

As the Yanks slide to .500 inches closer, Ji-Man has arrived. Torreyes sits. Sanchez DHs. Romine squats. Webb at 2B.

Can Pineda return to form -- or has he already? Can Choi be better than Carter? Embarrassing if he's not, but he has the potential.  Will Judge damage another part of the stadium? Can the Yanks win a series? (0-5-1 in last 6.)


  1. RF: Jose Bautista
  2. 3B: Russell Martin
  3. 1B: Justin Smoak
  4. DH: Kendrys Morales
  5. SS: Troy Tulowitzki
  6. LF: Steve Pearce
  7. C: Miguel Montero
  8. CF: Kevin Pillar
  9. 2B: Ryan Goins
  10. SP: Marco Estrada


  1. LF: Brett Gardner
  2. RF: Aaron Judge
  3. DH: Gary Sanchez
  4. SS: Didi Gregorius
  5. 3B: Chase Headley
  6. CF: Jacoby Ellsbury
  7. 1B: Ji-Man Choi
  8. C: Austin Romine
  9. 2B: Tyler Wade
  10. SP: Michael Pineda

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