Game # 84: Brewers (48-40) vs Yanks (44-39)

 Last homestand before the ASG! Yanks (0-6-1) in last 7 series and and falling perilously close to .500 take on another first place team.

Can the Yanks will a one run game? Can they score enough to avoid a one run game? Will the real D-Bets please stand up, please stand up and pitch!

Ells sits. Torreyes sits. Headley bats 2nd!!?? Romine squats. Frazier in. Sanchez gets 1/2 day off.

Fowler activated from DL.....damn, it was Dexter. But at least no one went on the DL today!


Villar, 2B
Santana, RF
Braun, DH
Shaw, 3B
Aguilar, 1B
Perez, LF
Pina, C
Broxton, CF
Arcia, SS
Guerra, P


Gardner, CF
Headley, 3B
Judge, RF
Sanchez, DH
Gregorius, SS
Frazier, LF
Choi,. 1B
Romina, C
Wade, 2B
Gumby, P


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