Which Home Run Records Will Aaron Judge Break?

Through 84 games, Aaron Judge has hit 30 official home runs. If he plays every remaining game and continues his current pace, Judge will hit 59 home runs this season. He's already broken the (strangely low) Yankee rookie record of 29 home runs. It's time to start thinking about what other records he could break.

Home Runs by a Rookie: Mark McGwire, 49 HR

This is a big one. McGwire was a child home run sensation, and broke into Major League Baseball with a huge bang. Judge needs only 20 official home runs in 80 games (a 39 HR-pace) to crack McGwire's record. Totally doable, maybe even probable.

Home Runs by a Yankee: Roger Maris, 62* HR

While breaking McGwire's record would be cool, it likely wouldn't be celebrated by more than a scoreboard note. Breaking Roger Maris' record would be cause for league-wide celebration. Judge needs 33 home runs in 80 games (a 64-HR pace) to take down Maris. Fun fact, he's been hitting a 64-HR pace since May 28th. 63 HR isn't out of the question.

Home Runs by a Major League Player, 73 HR

Somehow I didn't know until today: Bonds hit his 73 home runs just 153 (!) games. Damn. Judge would need to hit at an 87-HR pace to beat Bonds. Not happening.