Game # 105: Tigers (47-57) vs Yanks (57-47)

Tonight we find out if our Sanchez is better than their Sanchez. (HINT: Yes!)

After last night's game Holder and Cooper were optioned to SWB. Nothing from NYY PR Dept twitter account about additions, but they do need space for Gray and Garcia.

Ells sits again. DD's back, so is Gardy. Wade gets another start. Hicks and Romine are back in the lineup..........the Detroit ones.


Kinsler, 2B
Mahtook, CF
Upton, LF
Cabrerra, DH
Castellanos, 3B
McCann, C
Hicks, 1B
Machado, SS
Romine, RF
Sanchez, P


Gardner, CF
C. Frazier, LF
Judge, RF
Sanchez, C
Gregorius, SS
Holliday, DH
Headley, 1B
T. Frazier, 3B
Wade, 2B
Sabathia, P

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