Game # 116: Xxxxxx (66-50) vs Yankees (61-54)

This is an absolute MUST win game for the Yanks if they are to win this series.

Sanchez gets a half day in. Romine squats. I guess Girardi figures no one can hit Sale so he'll use Romine. All Aarons in -- although only one is hitting. T-Fraz moves up in the lineup. If Monty pitches 5 good innings does Girardi go the pen?


  1. 3B: Eduardo Nunez
  2. RF: Mookie Betts
  3. LF: Andrew Benintendi
  4. 1B: Hanley Ramirez
  5. DH: Chris Young
  6. SS: Xander Bogaerts
  7. 2B: Brock Holt
  8. C: Sandy Leon
  9. CF: Jackie Bradley
  10. SP: Chris Sale


  1. LF: Brett Gardner
  2. CF: Aaron Hicks
  3. RF: Aaron Judge
  4. DH: Gary Sanchez
  5. 3B: Todd Frazier
  6. SS: Didi Gregorius
  7. 1B: Chase Headley
  8. 2B: Ronald Torreyes
  9. C: Austin Romine
  10. SP: Jordan Montgomery

Game on ESPN....Booooooooooooooo!