Game # 107: Yanks (57-49) vs Cleveland (57-48)

On the surface it looks like Girardi has sent of his "white flag" lineup. But Judge, Holliday, and T. Frazier have all been underperforming, and in fact hurting the team.

Ells in. Wade in -- poor guy, he had a couple of hits and now has to face Kluber! Torreyes in. Romine squats. Sanchez gets half day in.


Gardner, LF
C. Frazier, RF
Gregorius, SS
Sanchez, DH
Ellsbury, CF
Headley, 1B
Torreyes, 3B
Romine, C
Wade, 2B
Gray, P


Zimmer, CF
Lindor, SS
Brantley, LF
Ramirez, 3B
Encarnacion, DH
Santana. 1B
Guyer, RF
Gomes, C
Gonzalez, 2B
Kluber, P

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