Game # 156: Royals (76-79) vs Yanks (86-69)

Season series: Yanks 4, Royals 2

Magic Numbers:
     Division: Forget it.
     Home Advantage WC: 3
     Wild Card: Clinched

Sanchez back squatting.  Headley out. Holliday Inn. Castro out. Torreyes in.

Can the Yanks treat the Royals unroyally? Can Judge catch McGwire? Can Bird show his love or short porches? What does Torreyes think of tall porches? Can the Yanks close in on the home field advantage? Is Moustakas trying out for ther 2018 Yanks?


Merrifield, 2B
Cain, DH
Carbrera, LF
Hosmer, 1B
Perez, C
Moustakas, 3B
Bonifacio, RF
Escobar, SS
Orlando, CF
Junis, P


Gardner, LF
Judge, RF
Sanchez, C
Gregorius, SS
Holliday, DH
Bird, 1B
T. Frazier, 3B
Ellsbury, CF
Torreyes, 2B
Sabathia, P

Game on YES and MLBN.