Aaron Judge. No, AARON JUDGE!!!!

Aaron Judge.jpg

Yesterday Aaron Judge hit his 49th and 50th home runs of the season.  With those homers, he first tied, then set the record for the most home runs as a rookie.  No player, ever, has hit more home runs in their rookie season than Aaron Judge.

As Yankee fans in 2017, we have been treated to something wonderful, magical, and historical.  This is a season we won't ever forget.  

2017 was supposed to be the year that Judge (along with Gary Sanchez, Luis Severino, and Greg Bird) started to fulfill their promise as future stars.  This was the season that was supposed to be fun because the Yankees would compete and make the Wild Card chase interesting.   But, truth be told, most Yankees fans (and most baseball experts) felt the Yankees would fall short in that pursuit.  The Yankees were supposed to be building for something great... not achieving it.

And the one player at the center of all of this wonder has been Aaron Judge.  The Yankees have exceed our expectations.  Aaron Judge's performance has exceeded our wildest dreams.

In the days that come, we will talk, read, and write about the Yankees' chances in the Wild Card Game and (hopefully) in the American League Playoffs and beyond.

In the days to come, we will debate if Aaron Judge deserves to be named the American League Most Valuable Player.  (He's already locked up Rookie of the Year.)

Following all of that we'll discuss and debate and argue about which players the Yankees should keep and who they should get.  We will target who should be traded - and who should be traded for. 

We will start to look, with sincere hope and optimism, to the 2018 season.  

But, for now, we should just take the moment and enjoy.  This isn't about the future.  This is about now.  We have witnessed a wonderful and amazing season. 

The time is now to enjoy the majesty of this Yankee giant and what he has accomplished - Aaron Judge, the Rookie Home Run King.