Game # 157: Rays (76-80) vs Yanks (87-69)

Season Series: Yanks 10, Rays 6

Magic Numbers:
     Division: Forget it.
     Home Advantage WC: 1 (Yanks hold tie breaker)
     Wild Card: Clinched

Gardy sits. Ells sits. Sanchez gets to catch Monty! Yanks at full-Aaron strength AND full-Frazier strength! DD sits. Toe in. Bird sits. Headley in. Holliday Inn.

Can the Yanks clinch home field advantage for the WC game? Can Hicks time a MLB pitch? Can Judge get to the Heinz homer? Can Gumby throw to Sanchez? Can Holliday get untracked in time for the play offs?


Kiermaier, CF
Souza, RF
Longoria, 3B
Morrison, 1B
Ramos, C
Hechavarria, SS
Plouffe, DH
Robertson, 2B
Bourjos, LF
Snell, P


Hicks, CF
Judge, RF
Sanchez, C
Holliday, DH
Headley, 1B
Castro, 2B
T. Frazier, 3B
C. Frazier, LF
Torreyes, SS
Montgomery, OP

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