Dana Jacobson update: Suspended

While it's fun to mock the drunken ramblings of the talking heads on TV... nevermind, it's just fun. I'll spare ya the high-road thoughts.

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UPDATE: It's all fun and games when mocking drunk ramblings of a sports figure, until it's made public how dumb, ill-advised, morally bankrupt those ramblings really were.

Jacobson's comments at the Roast have been further exposed, setting religious peace back a few decades. Nice work, Dana. No matter what you think, no matter how much alcohol you have consumed, there is no excuse for dropping the F-bomb like this:

Jacobson, reportedly intoxicated, was speaking at a celebrity roast in Atlantic City, N.J., when she unleashed a profane tirade, saying, "F--- Notre Dame," "F--- Touchdown Jesus" and finally "F--- Jesus."

Now, I think Jacobson is Jewish (as am I) and that sort of diatribe is unacceptable. I don't want to get even further off-topic, but that's reprehensible. Had someone said that against Jews, or Muslims, or another race, she's be fired immediately and probably blackballed from the industry for a good long time.

Upon further review, seems a week off was a light sentence.

Update #2: Shaq's onto me ("celebrity roast" links here). Uh oh! Probably a phony blog but we'll welcome the Diesel to these parts anytime.