Royals were thisclose to landing Johan?

The first person who texted me – the one who actually told me about the deal – is a friend of mine who is a scout. He HATED this deal for the Twins. "What in the hell are they doing?" he wrote, though he can't really spell, at least on a phone, so it came out more like "Wat in the hel r they doooing?" His big problem is that he's seen Gomez, the centerpiece of the deal, and doesn't like him at all. Gomez is a 22-year-old outfielder a whole lot of speed and a body that projects powers. That part sounds good. But my friend thinks he had no plate discipline, swings and misses a lot and, like a lot of those toolsy guys, won't ever hit enough – reminds me a lot of an old Royals prospect who was, coincidentally, also a Gomez, Alexis Gomez. Had lots of tools. And he might be a carpenter now.

Great stuff. Joe Pos goes on to add other scout's thoughts and some are more positive, but the "he might be a carpenter now" was priceless.