K.Law sets the record straight

I know Petco skews heavily as a pitcher's park and certainly the competition is easier in the NL West than it is in the AL East. Maybe Peavy knows this and that's why he wants to stay in the NL, which I had been surmizing for some time now:

"Maybe Peavy looks at likely AL teams (for now, let's just consider the two financial superpowers, NY and Boston) and tells himself that he wants no part of pitching against the rest of the AL East. Could you blame him?"

And a bit more on these topics from Padres Assistant GM Paul DePodesta, interviewed here earlier this year:

IIATMS: Do you think people make too big a deal about "park effects?"
PD: I think it might be a little overdone. Park effects are definitely important when evaluating an individual player's performance, but on any given night our collective mission is to beat the other team and we're both playing in the same park. In short, I think there's a fine line. You can't ignore the nuances of your own park since you'll play there 81 times a year, but you can't be myopic either.


IIATMS: In your blog, you question how difficult the trade/rumor mill process must be for the players. How do you deal with players during this time? Do you actively seek them out to keep them in the loop? Do they call you? Are you able to share info
with them?

PD: It depends on the situation. There are times when I've kept a player in the loop about his situation when I thought it was appropriate. Other times it's more difficult because trades are tenuous, and you don't want to burden a player unnecessarily.