Because they can!

Friends, I'm once again in the midst of this conundrum: My childhood team has a chance to land the biggest fish (um, mammal) in all the land. Yet, I also know Sabathia would become a mercenary instead of freedom fighter. Am I OK with this? I'd rather have a guy want to come to the team at "fair market value"* rather than a jacked up overbid, just like you would. It'd be more than noble for CC to say "I'll take less to go to LA (or MLW) and the Union will have to deal with it" but I'm not sure if he will. I know my wife would like to see him go with his heart, not his pocketbook being led by the Union. Is it embarrassing, as a fan, to have your team flaunt their wealth as overtly and conspicuously as they are looking to do? Uhhh yeah.

* I cringed, too, when the Yanks had to overpay to keep Posada and Mo; that was entirely unnecessary.

Between now and Opening Day, there's going to be reams written about how bad the Yanks are for the game. The chest thumping will be magnificent. There will will be screaming from the mountaintops. There will be banners flown begging for a salary cap. The crying over the "Yanks are buying titles" without much mention that they haven't won bupkis since 2000. Nearly a decade, kids! And the Yanks will write a massive revenue sharing check that will feed many teams.

And remember, if there's a cap, the has to be a floor, too. Ask the Marlins, Rays, Padres, etc. to get their salary totals up to $60 million and watch their ownership squirm like mad and cry poverty. Watch the Union fight against a cap since that would theoretically cap spending (read: earning power for the players).

Folks, it ain't happening. Get over it.

Go ahead and hate the Yanks. I'm OK with it. I would, too, if I weren't a fan since birth and currently live a long stone's throw from their new cathedral to excess. But I will still root for the laundry. And hope that Hank, the Augustus Gloop of the Owners, can keep his yap shut and not get sucked into the chocolate filtering system.

Now, all they have to do is hope the big man accepts their offer so they can continue their pillaging. Up next: Teix, Burnett, Lowe, Sheets!

UPDATE (11/15/08, 12:07PM): Just ran across this at Shysterball, who, as usual, captures it quite well:

CC is a great pickup for whoever gets him, but this sounds like a an overbid. It's their money, though, so I don't care. Personally, I can't wait for the series of indignant columnists complaining about how the Yankees are evil and all of that while simultaneously failing to mention that New York hasn't won anything since they really started going apesh*t on the free agent market six or seven years ago.