Meet Our Staff - Start Spreading the News is proud to be the home of some of baseball's very best writers.  Scroll down for a short biography of each of our contributors.

Jim Carothers - Like many on the blog, Jim grew up in north Jersey, but now he hails behind enemy lines in Philadelphia. A Villanova graduate, Jim played lacrosse and rugby in college, but never lost his passion for baseball or the Yankees. Jim now works in the aerospace industry, focusing predominantly on electronics and antennas. In 2016, Jim started contributing to the IIATMS blog and podcast, which gave him the opportunity to share his appreciation for the mechanics and physics of the game of baseball. Jim's favorite player is Don Mattingly. Also, because most people care, Jim thinks the most underappreciated Yankee is Bernie Williams, but he is open to debate. When he isn't talking baseball, Jim is also heavily into music, weightlifting, and dadding-out. Join him at @jcizzle33 on Twitter.

Phil Cashier - Phil is currently a retired business consultant and the Pet Human to Casey. He has been a devoted follower of the Yankees since he was a young tyke. Like many older fans, his all-time favorite Yankee is The Mick. In 1978 he was lucky enough to have a friend who had tickets to the ALCS Game 3 and watched as Thurman Munson’s homer over came the three by George Brett.

Tamar Chalker - Tamar is a recovering attorney, currently residing in the frigid wasteland that is known as Vermont. She started writing for IIATMS in 2009, eventually becoming the Minor League editor along with contributing the occasional silly photoshop graphic. After taking a few years off, she has been coaxed out of retirement and is excited to write about the Yankees again.

Matthew CohenMatthew Cohen always wanted to be a sportswriter when he was growing up. Unfortunately, his career took a turn to more prosaic activities including investment banking, software development and wine importing. Matt has been a fan of the Yankees since he can remember despite growing up in an old school New York (now San Francisco) Giants household. He tends to focus his efforts on writing articles that combine baseball and his bent for analytics.

Nick Greco - Nick hails from Dallas, TX and comes from a lifelong, multi-generational Yankees family. His grandfather had Yankees flowers next to his casket at his funeral in Long Island. After playing baseball into his first two years of college, Nick gave up the dream of pitching for the Yankees in exchange for the real world. Nick has been involved in several digital marketing and advertising startups and is in early stages of launching his own app. Nick has a beautiful wife ( Marion) of four years and a 2 year old baby girl (Mia) who both watch every Yankee game with him, including wearing rally jerseys. Nick has skipped work to watch Jeter hit # 3,000, been kicked out of church by his wife for watching Jeter's final game on his phone in the pews, routinely sits in the Texas heat for batting practice and all 9 innings when the Yankees come to play the Rangers and the Astros and wants to name his expected son Andrew Cahsman Greco. 

Patrick GunnPatrick Gunn is an aspiring journalist studying at the SI Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. He has been competing in sports all his life, from soccer and t-ball in kindergarten to fencing in high school. Now, Patrick would like to make his love for sports, especially baseball, into a career. He will be serving as an associate producer for Citrus TV’s live post game show, Orange Press Pass, for all Men’s Basketball, Lacrosse, and Football games over the next calendar year. He will be also working for his school’s radio station, WAER, and writing for his school’s newspaper, the Daily Orange. Outside of sports, Patrick enjoys playing the clarinet, watching and discussing film, and spending time with his friends and family. You can hear more from Patrick on twitter, @patrickgunn4.

Frankie MandileFrankie Mandile is a recent graduate of Mount St. Mary's University where he obtained a B.S. in Sport Management. He grew up in Ellicott City, MD (Birdland) and is actively pursuing a career in baseball operations. In his spare time Frankie enjoys training for 5k races, throwing the baseball around, and attending Minor League Baseball games in a variety of cities.

Lincoln Mitchell - Lincoln Mitchell is a pundit, analyst and writer based in New York and San Francisco. He has published broadly on politics, foreign affairs and baseball. He is the author of several books including Will Big League Baseball Survive? Globalization, the End of Television, Youth Sports and the Future of Major League Baseball (Temple University Press, 2016) and Baseball Goes West: How the Dodgers and Giants Shaped the Major Leagues (Forthcoming Kent State University Press 2018). Lincoln was born in New York, but grew up in San Francisco. He has been a Yankee fan since the mid-1970s, but the Giants have always been his NL team. Lincoln is married and is the father of two sons who are pitchers. The righty pitches for Oberlin College and the lefty is still in high school. His dog, who was born in 2010, is named Isis. You can learn more about him at and follow him on Twitter @LincolnMitchell.

Mike Rook - Mike Rook is a lifelong resident of Upstate NY where he lives between Rochester and Syracuse with his wonderful wife Darcey,  their sometimes too many dogs and five ducks. A lifelong Yankees fan, Mike was at game 6 of the 1996 World Series when Jimmy Key pitched six innings for the 3-2 win and the Yankees first title since 1978. Mike believes that his mere presence at this game greatly contributed to not only the win but the Yankees going to the World Series five more times over the next seven years.  Mike has been blogging since 1993, primarily about the Yankees, and after a five-year hiatus is back as strong as ever.  Mike will be contributing a weekly preview as well as some game summaries and original content each week and looks forward to hearing your thoughts and comments.  

Michael Saffer - Michael Saffer has been an elementary school teacher in New Jersey for 14 years. He has been a high school and Little League baseball umpire for 13 years. He played baseball on the high school and collegiate levels from 1993-1998.  Michael has been a Yankee fan since his father took him to his first game at Yankee Stadium in 1984. Ever since he was a child, Michael has had a love of baseball, and of the Yankees. A one-sport man, he spends his winters analyzing trades, free agent deals, and speculating how his beloved Yankees will fare the next season. During the season, he enjoys analyzing managerial decisions, trade deadline moves, and other Yankee matters.  Michael also enjoys reading books about leadership, inspiration, and baseball history. For recreation, he enjoys spending time with his family, running, and hiking.

Ethan Semendinger (Layout, Marketing, & Design Manager) - A current student at Lafayette College and perspective Neuroscience major, Ethan finds his daily life quite busy on his campus. Outside of his academics and campus job, Ethan relaxes by playing music (on piano, guitar, and trumpet), exercising, doing yoga, being involved with various clubs on his campus, and obviously maintaining big affinity towards the New York Yankees. A student, musician, athlete, actor, and self-proclaimed fashionista, Ethan is hoping that this blog grows as something he can continue to provide for, as his undergrad life and beyond, continue to progress.

Paul Semendinger (Editor in Chief) - Dr. Semendinger has been an educator for almost 30 years beginning his career as a middle school history teacher before serving as a high school vice principal and a middle school principal.  He is currently the principal of the most wonderful elementary school in the whole world!  Dr. Semendinger is a frequest guest on the Bronx Beat Podcast.  Dr. Semendinger's first book of motivational passages, Impossible is an Illusion along with the picture books Principal Sam and the Calendar ConfusionPrincipal Sam Gets Fit, and Principal Sam and the Three Bears have been released to very positive reviews.  Dr. Semendinger was also published by Z-Publishing House in their latest anthology of emerging writers.  Dr. Semendinger enjoys running and has completed twenty marathons. Most importantly, Dr. Semendinger greatly values the time he spends as a husband and Dad with his wife and three grown sons.  Dr. Semendinger's favorite Yankee as he grew up was Graig Nettles.  He can be found on Twitter @DrPaulRSem.

Andy SingerAndy graduated from Middlebury College in 2011 with a Bachelor's Degree in History and as the Sports Director at 91.1 FM, of course he has a career in pharmaceuticals. Andy has spent, and continues to spend, more time on a baseball diamond than he can count.  When not playing, coaching, watching, or thinking about baseball, Andy can be found playing the sax, hanging out with his wife and family, or obsessing about his golf game.  He loves analyzing baseball statistics both new and old.  Additionally, he loves writing about in-game observations about the mechanics of the game - Andy is a misplaced baseball rat who loves scouting and analyzing player mechanics.  His favorite Yankee of all time is Derek Jeter, and his favorite baseball memory is of the first time the field at Old Yankee Stadium rushed to his eyes in a sea of green out of the upper deck tunnel.

William Tasker - William Tasker grew up in Bergen County, New Jersey, as a flagrant fan of the Yankees. At the age of 18, Tasker moved to Red Sox country (shiver) and lived in New Hampshire and Maine until moving to Florida in 2016.  Tasker has been writing about baseball since 2003 at his Flagrant Fan blog and about the Yankees here for the past several years. Tasker is the author of eleven books (all, sadly, out of print, but can still be rousted up online in odd places). His varied career includes shoe sales, tanneries, hotels, software startups, self-employment, Chamber Of Commerce executive director and nature photographer.  Tasker has three grown children and lives happily with his wife, a nurse, teacher and artist. Join him at @flagrantfan on Twitter.

Mike WhitemanMike Whiteman had ambition of playing centerfield in Yankee Stadium, at least until he encountered the curveball, and changed his focus to reading and writing about the National Pastime. As a member of Society of American Baseball Research, has participated in a number of collaborative book projects. Mike resides in Lancaster, PA with his home team of his wife and two daughters, who tolerate his baseball obsession. His favorite Yankees as a kid were Dave Righetti and Don Mattingly, his current favorite is David Robertson, and his favorite all-time Yankee is Mariano Rivera.