ST Games 5 & 6 -- Invisibility (No TV Coverage)

Some folks -- old folks like me -- may remember in the 50s and 60s the cry "Break Up the Yankees." Well, after a 3-1 start in the Grapefruit League, that's exactly what has happened. The Yanks have been split up and one part will face the Red Sox and another part the Tigers.

From Gameday, the line up vs the Red Sox is:

Torreyes, 2B

Refsnyder, LF

Bird, 1B
Judge, RF

Higashioka, C

Andujar, 3B

Fowler, CF

Choi, DH

Wade, SS

Cessa, P

Meanwhile against the Tigers それは、春の最初の開始  for Tanaka. He is supported by,

Gardner, LF

Ellsbury, CF

Sanchez, C

Holliday, DH

Carter, 1B

Castro, 2B

Headley, 3B

Hicks, RF

Tejada, SS