The Next Manager?

There is a great deal of initial speculation over who will be the next Yankees manager.  I decided to review (and link) many of the articles on this topic that have been posted in the immediate hours after Girardi’s departure.

A quick summary of these articles lists the following as the names most mentioned:

Kevin Long – 6 articles

Rob Thomson, Jay Bell, Al Pedrique – 5 articles

Raul Ibanez, Josh Paul – 4 articles

It is my speculation that Tony Pena will be the new Yankees manager. 

Over the weekend, I will post my reasons why I believe Tony Pena will be sitting in the Yankees dugout on Opening Day.


Here are the lists and the links to the articles:

NY DAILY NEWS:  Josh Paul, Tim Naehring, Jay Bell, Kevin Long, Reggie Willits

NY POST: Jay Bell, David Cone, Trey Hillman, Raul Ibanez, Kevin Long, Pete Mackanin, Al Pedrique, Rob Thomson, Reggie Willits

NY NEWSDAY: Rob Thomson, Al Pedrique, Joe Espada, Raul Ibanez, Jay Bell, Kevin Long

BERGEN RECORD: Josh Paul, Jay Bell, Al Pedrique, Joe Espada, Rob Thomson, Dave Martinez, Trey Hillman, Kevin Long

CBS: Joe Espada, Tony Pena, Larry Rothschild, Rob Thomson, Jay Bell, Josh Paul, Al Pedrique, Tim Naehring, Brad Ausmus, Eric Chavez, Jason Giambi, Trey Hillman, Raul Ibanez, Kevin Long, Pete Mackanin, Don Mattingly, Alex Rodriguez

THE SPORTING NEWS: Willie Randolph, Tony Pena, Don Mattingly, Kevin Long, Alex Rodriguez, Josh Paul, Ad Pedrique, Raul Ibanez

YAHOO SPORTS - Dusty Baker, John Farrell, Brad Ausmus, Kevin Long, Rob Thomson, Tim Naerhing, Gabe Kapler, Alex Rodriguez, Jason Giambi