Jeter, Girardi And The Brain Drain

Everyone is convinced that the achievements of the young Yankees and the 2017 team show the team is on the cusp (cliche alert) of another run of baseball success. But wait a minute, the body seems to be in place but the brain is leaking like a 64' Rambler. Between Derek Jeter stealing executives to open season on the entire coaching staff, is the head coming off just as success has come knocking?

Let us review: Joe Girardi has been fired. The Yankees sent a letter to all 29 teams allowing them (perhaps encouraging them) to talk to and hire the entire coaching staff.  Derek Jeter, the new co-owner of the Miami Marlins and head chef there, has hired Yankee VP, Gary Denbo, and now has also pilfered Dan Greenlee, who worked under Denbo for the Yankees.

There is precedent for the manager and coaching situation. It was after the 1995 season when the Yankees were on the verge of great things that Buck Showalter was canned in favor of Joe Torre. That worked out rather well. So...depending on WHO the Yankees hire as the new manager, precedent says the change can lead to great things. But losing Denbo is not so easy to fix.

Whether it is deserved or not, Gary Denbo is given a lot of credit for positive changes in the Yankees' farm system. According to many, he turned Gary Sanchez around from being less than a stellar character to a hard worker with a desire to be great. Denbo is given a lot of credit concerning Aaron Judge.

Obviously, Denbo could not get that kind of credit without a large pool of talent added to the farm system and a coaching and managing crew that could bring out positive things from the players. Denbo is talked about in the same terms as Gene Michael was with the last dynasty.

That might be an overreach. But, even if a little bit of truth is in there, then guys like Denbo and members of his staff like Greenlee could be very difficult to replace. Management perspective learned with business experience is that everyone is replaceable. Getting that equation done correctly is not as easy as it sounds.

The only linchpin still in place is Brian Cashman and we still have not heard of him getting his extension as his contract is coming up. 

At this time of the year and with the cycle the Yankees seem to be poised upon, it would be great just to talk about who is going to play where and how often. Those things are tweaking the guts of team that seems poised to compete for a while. In an ideal world, you really do not want to worry about the brain trust of the team and whether or not it can keep doing successful things like it has been.