Breaking News: Nippon-Ham Fighters to Officially Post Shohei Ohtani!

Breaking News: Nippon-Ham Fighters to Officially Post Shohei Ohtani! The official date of the posting is still TBD, but a deal is officially in place to bring the two-way Japanese star to the MLB for the 2018 season. Below are a few key points about Ohtani's posting and the first tweet about the news.

Along with this news comes so important information, some of which has been seen and speculated before, stating:

  1. This deal will go through under the now-expired CBA Posting Agreements. This means that the Fighters can get up to $20 Million from the MLB team signing Ohtani. Unfortunately, every team (regardless of if they want you to think they do or not) has this money readily available.
  2. Ohtani is not truly coming over for the money, or else he would wait until he was 25 to grab the big paycheck immediately. However, coming over now (at age 23) would put him on the path to hit free agency at around 29/30 (assuming he comes up and breaks rookie eligible during the 2018 season) which would put him at the end of his peak and allow for a big paycheck too. Otherwise, he'd only be able to cash out again at around 32 and his contract would definitely be shorter and overall cheaper.
  3. Also, it is speculated that one of the biggest (if not the biggest) factor that he is using towards making his choice on a particular MLB team is their proposition to allow him to play as he wants. Would this mean that he'd want to only DH alongside pitching? Does he want to stay in the Outfield? Regardless, if I am the Yankees I'd say that the DH was his on days where he did not just pitch and was not scheduled to pitch immediately afterward. (Theoretically: Pitch Monday, Break/PH Tuesday, Hit Wednesday, Hit Thursday, Break Friday, Pitch Saturday, etc.)

This is huge news for baseball, and hopefully huge news for the Yankees!